June 25, 2010

Painting hands by Mario Mariotti

For all the peoples of the world's hands are a critical communication tool. Children use them to know the artists to create, to heal the doctors and everyone, especially us Italians, we use to express ourselves. Have you ever thought how many concepts can only communicate with the movement of a hand?
Mario Mariotti has turned his hands into works of art. Abandoning their traditional role they are transformed into a peacock or a leopard, a player, rather than a musician.
Italian artist, Mario Mariotti  can generate cool pictures by painting his hands. I have gathered a collection of some of his art work. Below are few amazing pictures that Mario created.
Painting hands

Painting hands 1
 Painting hands 2

 Painting hands 3
 Painting hands 4
Painting hands 5
 Painting hands 7
 Painting hands 8
 Painting hands  7
 Painting hands  9
 Painting hands  10
 Painting hands  11
 Painting hands 12
painting-hands-mario-mariotti 4
painting-hands-mario-mariotti 3
painting-hands-mario-mariotti 2
painting-hands-mario-mariotti 1
Mario Mariotti - Bulldog
Mario Mariotti - Tigre


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